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PMA Companies History

PMA Insurance Group was founded in 1915 as Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Casualty Insurance Company following the enactment of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. Responding to both the business and societal needs of the day to protect workers who were injured on the job, we established ourselves as a premier provider of workers’ compensation insurance to Pennsylvania businesses.

Since then, we have continually evolved to meet our clients’ changing needs, and we have grown into one of the nation's premier risk management companies licensed and admitted in all 50 states. PMA Companies is part of the Old Republic Insurance Group, the largest business segment within Old Republic International (ORI)—one of the nation's 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations with a substantial interest in major segments of the industry.

PMA Companies includes:

We are proud of our past and excited about our future. Click our special 100th Anniversary mark below for more of our story.

PMA Companies - Proud Past Exciting Future

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