PMA Management Corp. Medicare Solutions


We offer our clients a diverse portfolio of services to navigate the complexities of Medicare compliance. Our solutions are fully integrated with the PMA claims environment and offer prompt turnaround times, accurate results and better claims outcomes.

Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Determination

Our cost mitigation strategies are designed to reduce our client's overall claim exposures.

  • Developed with expertise of pharmacy, compliance, and life planning professionals
  • Integrated with PMA Claims environment
  • Complimentary annuity quote

Medical Cost Projections (MCP)

Expert projections identify cost drivers and potential savings for claim settlements.

  • Clinical and claims review of treatment plans
  • Integrated with evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Reasonable standards of care applied
  • Quality assurance by RNs and Doctors of Pharmacy

Conditional Payments & Lien Resolution

Our services help decrease our client's future liability exposures with file resolution and settlement services.

  • 95% Claim Lien Mitigation
  • 94% Favorable Resolution