PMA Pharmacy Point-of-Sale Program

Pharma_POS_page_imageAddiction can start within days, leading to substance use issues, lengthy recoveries and high claims costs. Intervention is needed before the medication is dispensed. Our dedicated team of clinicians unravels the complexity of medication to protect injured employees from risky drug therapies.

How the PMA Pharmacy Point-of-Sale Program Works

  1. Routes certain medications to the Pharmacy Intervention Team for clinical assessment
  2. Applies jurisdictional and evidence-based guidelines before medications are dispensed
  3. Identifies possible interventions to ensure patient safety and adherence to treatment guidelines
  4. Monitors prescription fill patterns against weaning medication plan

Key Benefits

  • Focuses on injured employee’s safety
  • Targets potential substance abuse concerns
  • Promotes faster return to work
  • Decreases total claim costs