PMA Recover-At-Work Solution


Our experience has shown that allowing injured employees to recover in a healing workplace environment leads to faster, safer, and more permanent return to work, reduced claim duration and cost, and lower litigation rates for employers. As a result, PMA developed a Recover-At-Work solution.

PMA highly qualified certified rehabilitation specialists and vocational experts work collaboratively with you to create and implement a best practices return-to-work solution.

PMA Recover-At-Work Solution Offers:

  • Tools to engage your key stakeholdersRecover_At_Work_case_study_flyer_page
  • Expertise on transitional duty positions and accommodating employee restrictions
  • Employee-specific plans and services
    • Transferable skill analysis
    • Resume preparation
    • Assessment of potential jobs
    • Compliance with restrictions
    • Job bank assessment



“On average, it can cost up to one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace an employee.” 1

1 Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work (SAW/RTW) Toolkit (Rep.) (2018). Lexington, KY: The Council of State Governments.