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Risk Control Services from PMA Companies
Risk Control Services

Risk Control Services is a strategic part of PMA Companies integrated service approach to helping organizations manage their total cost of risk. We have a comprehensive model of services designed to improve clients’ loss frequency. We help you protect your workers and reduce your loss potential by delivering practical solutions that offer a financial return on investment. Our consultants function as an extension of your team, working in a collaborative way, marked by ongoing communication and interaction with your staff.

By leveraging cutting edge technology, a collaborative approach and over 100 years of insurance industry expertise, PMA brings clarity to the complex world of data, helping clients improve performance, develop long-term risk control strategies, and reduce frequency and severity of loss.

Explore emerging best practices in organizational safety with PMA’s Organizational Safety Institute. These virtual training sessions are led by risk control experts, and help companies better understand their risk management challenges.

PMA Companies Risk Control provides an expert level of assistance with your organizational safety management needs. Our consultants meet with you to discuss and evaluate your needs, and help you prioritize implementation of solutions.

Delivering sustainable solutions to improve your loss frequency and lower your total cost of risk. We act as an extension of your team, helping you protect your workers and reduce your loss potential by delivering solutions that offer a solid return on investment.

PMA Companies Solutions Center provides companies not requiring ongoing risk control support with the opportunity to engage with risk control professionals throughout the year. These services are available to PMA insured clients upon request.

PMA Companies Risk Control helps you reduce your total cost of risk and improve your organization's performance. Our risk control professionals have expertise across a range of topics that can be crucial to your employees’ safety and organization’s success.

Increasingly, the health and well-being of your workforce is impacting your workers’ compensation program and costs. PMA Companies provides employee wellness strategic services designed to impact your workers’ compensation performance.

PMA Websource, our online safety and risk management portal, equips clients with training, resources and research they can use to reduce injuries and loss expenses in their organizations. With PMA Websource, you’re one click away from the expertise of our team of risk control professionals.

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How can PMA help you? Call us at 1-888-476-2669 or visit our Contact Us page to explore how our risk management capabilities and expertise can deliver tangible value for your organization.


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Risk Control
Hear from Jack Aspen, Vice President of Risk Control Services