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PMA understands and appreciates that our qualified self-insured clients are in control and that every dollar we pay or save goes right to their bottom line. Our self-insured clients range from 500 employees to 55,000 employees in a variety of public and private industries, including healthcare, colleges and universities, transportation, pubic entities, religious, retail, and more.

For our self-insured clients, PMA's unique, holistic approach to managing the cost of risk and providing third-party administration services can mean positive, lasting effects on their bottom lines. Our TPA team of expert account executives, certified medical and occupational health nurses, claims adjusters, quality assurance specialists, risk control consultants and information system specialists employ an integrated strategy to prevent claims before they occur, mitigate the cost of claims when they do occur, and deliver post-loss risk management initiatives to continue to positively impact our clients' financial health.

Through PMA Management Corp. and PMA Management Corp. of New England, we provide complete, multi-level claims and risk management services—including claims administration programs for workers’ compensation, commercial auto, general liability, medical savings and cost-containment programs, and unbundled risk control services—to a variety of client segments.

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How can PMA help you? Call us at 1-888-476-2669 or visit our Contact Us page to explore how our risk management capabilities and expertise can deliver tangible value for your organization.


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