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Report a Claim

Reporting claims promptly over the Internet enables PMA to react quickly and comprehensively to loss notices. Within 24 hours, we implement proactive management of claims and initiate substantive contact with the essential parties, which may include the injured worker, employer, medical providers and others.

Prompt communication among the parties helps eliminate confusion, allows for investigation of facts to make a compensability determination, sets expectations early for estimated length of the disability, and lays the foundation for prompt return to work. We encourage you to report claims immediately.

This application should only be accessed by authorized individuals.

New Claim Reporting Features
It’s easier than ever for you to report claims electronically, with PMA’s new claim reporting enhancements:

  1. New Reporting Screens - Claim information can now be entered on one accordion-style screen, enabling you to easily navigate throughout the form.
  2. Claim Reporting Attachment - You can now attach documents, e.g., statements, medical bills, and state forms, when you report losses. 
  3. Loss Reporting from Mobile Devices - You can now report losses from a variety of mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets. On your mobile device, simply go to www.pmacompanies.com and click on your reporting channel, “Report a Claim” or “PMA Cinch®” and enter information as you normally would.

Learn more about how to use the new claim reporting features.

Call our Customer Service Center, 1.888.476.2669, if you have questions.

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