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Weather Preparation

Weather can be dangerous and disruptive

Prepare now to help safeguard your people and property 

Weather preparedness and response are key factors in helping to keep your organization's employees safe and your business running with minimal interruptions.

PMA's risk control experts share their seasonal weather preparedness and response information here. Whether your region is facing the threat of hurricanes, snow and freezing rain, or anything in between, PMA is here to help with simple before and after suggestions for minimzing the impact to your business—and most importantly—your people.

Winter Weather

Snow, ice, wind, and low temperatures in cold weather climates can create incredibly dangerous conditions.

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Spring Weather

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but its extreme precipitation can cause flooding, devastating interruptions to your business, and danger for your employees.

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Summer Weather

The summer season brings with it workplace hazards that can harm employees, including heat stress, sun exposure, poisonous plants, and bites from disease-carrying arachnids and insects like ticks and mosquitoes. Helping employees stay safe and healthy all summer can assist in maintaining productivity and avoiding costly workers’ compensation claims.

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Lightning Safety

No matter the season, storm hazards are also occupational hazards. The keys to protecting your workers are planning and preparation. Here we share tips on how to help keep your workers safe from lightning.

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Hurricane, Tornado & Windstorm

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms are some of the most destructive weather events we face—and they require significant upfront preparations.

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California Wildfire Smoke Regulation

Over the past several years many states in the western region of the United States have experienced exceedingly high temperatures over a long period of time. This, coupled with periods of lower-than-average rainfall, has created the opportunity for an abundance of wildfires to occur. Aside from the damage these fires cause, they also bring health hazards that can be potentially dangerous for employees, especially those who work outdoors.

California Wildfire Smoke Regulation Bulletin

Wildfire Smoke - Focus on Exposure Control, Communication & Training

Wildfire smoke can pose serious occupational health risks. Employers need to keep their workers safe with a focus on exposure control, communication, and training.

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