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    In their own words

    Hear From PMA Employees

    We like to say our people are the difference

    Between being a solutions provider and a true partner

    Work should be rewarding, challenging, fun, and enjoyable. And your colleagues have a lot to do with that—so does where you work.

    At PMA, people say what they do, do what they say, and care about each other's success. We work hard every day for our clients, and that drive and discipline extends to how we interact with each other. That passionate philosophy resonates throughout our organization, from our executive leadership team, to our Customer Service Center representatives, to our client service teams and everywhere in between. 

    We're not interested in being the biggest—only the best. And we gauge our success based on the results we achieve for our clients and how we treat people. 

    But it's best to hear it straight from PMA people themselves.

    "PMA is an organization that supports giving back to our communities."


    "I'm proud to work for PMA — and proud of all that we do for our clients."


    "Day one is just the beginning - we're committed to our clients' results 365 days a year."



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