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Business Insurance FAQs

What are PMA Insurance Group's lines of business?
PMA Insurance Group specializes in Workers' Compensation and also offers Commercial Auto, General Liability, and Commercial Package & Umbrella coverages.
What services does PMA Insurance Group offer?
PMA Insurance Group offers industry-leading capabilities for Underwriting, Claims, Managed Care, and Risk Control. PMA also offers formal Account Management services for Large Accounts and PMA Cinch—a user-friendly RMIS tool.
What products does PMA Insurance Group offer?
For Large Accounts, PMA Insurance Group offers a range of risk financing options, including:

  • Incurred & paid loss retros
  • Large deductibles
  • Pre-funded deductibles
  • Alternative risk transfer products (client-owned captives, rent-a-captives, groups)
  • Guaranteed cost plans
For Mid-size Companies, PMA Insurance Group offers Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto, General Liability, and Commercial Package & Umbrella lines. We work with mid-size companies across industries focusing on Durable Goods Manufacturing; Education; Food Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retail; and Long-Term Healthcare.
What is PMA Insurance Group's financial rating?
PMA Companies and PMA Insurance Group have solid ratings from A.M. Best and Moody’s—giving clients and brokers assurance of our strength and stability.

Company Rating Date of Rating
A.M. Best (PMA Insurance Group) A ("Excellent") March 31, 2016
Moody's (PMA Companies) A2 October 31, 2016
Whom should I contact for a quote or for operational support?
To initiate a quote or to request support, please contact the Account Executive in your geographic area indicated on our Contact Us page.
Are you appointing new agents?
PMA is currently not appointing any new broker or agent in states other than those indicated in the Business Insurance section of our Contact Us page.
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