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Who is PMA Management Corp.?
PMA Management Corp., part of PMA Companies, offers a unique, holistic approach to managing the cost of risk and providing results-driven TPA & Risk Services. We provide complete, multi-level claims and risk management services—including claims administration programs for workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial property, general liability, medical savings and cost-containment programs, and unbundled risk control services.
Who is PMA Management Corp. of New England?
PMA Management Corp. of New England, part of PMA Companies, provides results-driven TPA & Risk Services. The firm specializes in workers’ compensation and liability services. With deep knowledge and extensive relationships, PMA Management Corp. of New England partners with clients to understand their loss drivers, implement effective risk control and cost containment measures, and optimize the claims process.  
Who can I contact to learn more about TPA Services or to obtain a quote?
To learn more about PMA TPA & Risk Services or to obtain a quote, please contact the Account Executive in your geographic area indicated on our Contact Us page.

Prepare To Partner

How can PMA help you? Call us at 1-888-476-2669 or visit our Contact Us page to explore how our risk management capabilities and expertise can deliver tangible value for your organization.


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