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    Workers' Compensation

    100+ years of workers' compensation expertise

    PMA specializes in providing complete workers’ compensation risk management solutions to clients in a variety of industries. 

    • Submissions can be considered as part of an account supported by other lines of business, or as a monoline account.
    • NCCI and / or Independent Bureau Coverage Forms
    • Coverage A Workers Compensation: Statutory
    • Coverage B Employers Liability: $1M bodily injury by accident each accident / $1M bodily injury by disease each employee / $1M bodily injury by disease policy limit
    • Prudent underwriting for concentration of employees, exposures to EQ and terrorism.
    • No appetite for Trucking, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, PEO/Temporary Staffing, Agriculture, Risks with Occupational Disease Exposure, Risks with Drivers under Age 21, Millwrighting, Petroleum/Gas, Utilities (no trenching), Firearms, Terrorism Potential and Home Health Care.
    • Incurred and Paid loss Retrospective rating plans including LRARO for eligible accounts
    • Large Deductibles
    • Pre-funded Deductibles
    • Alternative risk transfer products (client – owned captives, rent-a-captives, groups & programs)
    • Fixed cost.  PMA has three tiers of rates for good, better, and best in most states
    • Small deductibles (state specific)
    • Schedule Rating (state specific)
    • Drug free credit (state specific)
    • Merit dividends (state specific)
    • Performance dividends
    • Sliding scale & retention dividends (most states)

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