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Reduce your loss potential

Risk Control Consulting is the foundation of PMA Risk Control Services. It’s a comprehensive model delivering sustainable solutions to improve your loss frequency and lower your total cost of risk. We help you protect your workers and reduce your loss potential by delivering practical solutions that offer a financial return on investment. Our consultants function as an extension of your team, working in a collaborative way, marked by ongoing communication and interaction with your staff.

PMA Risk Management Assessment (RMA)

We take the time to get to know your organization, culture, dynamics and management. Our risk management assessment offers the following:

  • Analysis of your current risk management program—helps determine interventions to prevent losses.
  • Evaluation of your historical losses to uncover trends that could point to future losses.
  • Identification of potential loss sources to help you discern their potential severity and impact.
  • Examination of human elements affecting your loss potential, e.g., employee selection, hiring strategies and underlying issues—stress and employee comorbidities, time management and resource allocation.

Implementing a risk strategic plan

We work with you to create a risk strategic plan with goals and performance metrics to guide the improvement process. The plan delivers meaningful recommendations that outline ways to:

  • Eliminate hazards and protect your workers and property.
  • Identify and promote safe work strategies.
  • Offer educational and training solutions to your employees.

Plan recommendations include targeted interventions intended to prevent loss and management strategies that can lead to a safe organizational culture. We then work with you to transform recommendations into actionable steps—and monitor your progress and adjust practices as needed.

Keys to driving sustainable results

PMA’s Risk Management Consulting achieves results for clients with these attributes:

Analytics-based approach: Our solutions are guided by metrics to help assess your performance and opportunities to improve. We calculate the expected impact of loss performance to your business results— and quantify potential improvements to your bottom line.

PMA Risk Control Consultant Expertise: PMA invests significant resources into the education and credentialing of our staff. Our consultants are supported by a highly experienced field management team, offering additional insights and expertise—and another layer of quality assurance.

Industry Expertise: PMA’s industry-focused practice teams have real-life experience, giving them a keen understanding of issues facing your employees. We engage clients on current and emerging issues facing your industry that could impact future risk performance. Our industry-focused research and analytics are shared to help you understand your loss dynamics.

Educational Resources: PMA offers training instruction to address immediate safety issues and educational programs to impact your safety culture and your employees’ behavior. We provide educational resources to help you drive sustainable solutions. Our approach helps equip you to make risk management decisions as change occurs and new situations emerge.

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