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Employee Wellness Strategic Services

One decision at a time

Increasingly, the health and well-being of your workforce is impacting your workers’ compensation program and costs. Any combination of five key comorbidities (diabetes, high blood pressure, high BMI, smoking and depression) as well as poor sleep, unhealthy eating, lack of physical exercise and stress can increase the risk of a workplace accident, injury or illness. PMA Companies provides employee wellness strategic services designed to impact your workers’ compensation performance.

Our three-part Employee Health & Wellness Model

Step one: Evaluation/assessment services

We assess the impact of employee health on your workers’ compensation loss performance, with the following services:

  • Analysis of comorbidities impacting your workers’ compensation claims
  • Analysis of employee health claim summary reports specifically targeting comorbidity data (where available)
  • An employee health/wellness questionnaire program (anonymous and without employee health screening)
  • Evaluation of your occupational health programs and employee wellness benefits

Step two: Solutions—An employee wellness roadmap

Based upon the assessment, you’ll receive customized solutions including focus areas needing immediate attention. We partner with clients to incorporate employee health improvement solutions into their organizations.

We recommend positive organizational changes that avoid singling out workers or groups of workers adversely impacted by health risks. Solutions help you eliminate health risks where applicable and practical. Where this cannot be done, we work with you to develop ways to protect workers with health issues.

Step three: Educational & training programs

Our programs are designed to enhance your employee health initiatives:

Wellness: The One Decision at a Time online presentation outlines how organizations can improve employee health and well-being, lower costs and improve workers’ compensation performance. It includes the five key strategies to improve employee wellness.

The Organizational Safety Management series, Silent Risk Factors—Impact of Employee Wellness on Workers’ Compensation: This program presents non-occupational risk factors impacting workers’ compensation, steps employers can take to reduce this risk and lower costs and employee engagement strategies.

Resources for Employee Health Events: We offer educational handouts and brochures. PMA Risk Control team members are available to participate in your event and present educational sessions.

One Decision at a Time Survey: A self-administered assessment tool to measure the effectiveness of wellness programs was recently implemented to study the long-term impact of employee health initiatives. It provides insight into an organization’s perspective on promoting employee health.

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