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Organizational Safety Institute & Client Education Services

Virtual learning at its best

Learn “virtually” about emerging best practices in organizational safety with PMA’s Organizational Safety Institute. You can be assured of practical, current solutions and knowledge with our online learning events. PMA’s Organizational Safety Institute sessions integrate the collective knowledge of our risk control organization with the specialized expertise of PMA risk control professionals who have real-world experience in solving employers’ risk management challenges.

Convenient, on-demand learning

We make every effort to make learning as convenient as possible for our clients:

  • The Organizational Safety Institute offers simple online registration for sessions. You can easily forward registration links to peers in your organization.
  • Organizational Safety Institute events are scheduled throughout the year, typically two per month in hourly, instructor-led sessions.
  • Live events are recorded, giving you on-demand access to sessions at your convenience. This includes a robust on-demand library of prior learning events.

A 360-degree learning experience

Our learning events offer much more than traditional webinars. The Organizational Safety Institute provides a 360-degree experience, giving you the opportunity for learning before, during and after each session. Events include:

  • Pre-session guides with note-taking options
  • Additional resources aligned with session-specific content
  • Live sessions with Q&A periods, conducted by PMA Risk Control professionals
  • Post-session access to your session’s moderator, either by email or phone

Engaging, relevant content

Our programs are designed to enhance your employee safety and health initiatives:

Leadership, Safety & Risk Management: Best-practice information and insights to help clients improve outcomes and achieve maximum impact on their organizations. Topics are designed to help you turn your ideas into risk management improvement plans.

Compliance Pathways: Information on addressing OSHA compliance challenges, from gaining clear instruction on the legal standards and protocols to implementing effective strategies for safer workplaces.

Emerging & Seasonal Issues: Current and relevant topics to help you address seasonal and emerging issues.

Industry-Focused Learning: Industry-specific programs address key challenges and issues relevant to specific industries led by risk management industry experts.

Learning essentials

Safety knowledge must be integrated into the organizational culture by effective leaders to create the greatest value. Recognizing this, we incorporate three essential elements into our events for influencing your organization’s safety culture:

Safety Knowledge: Our well-researched topics are taught by experienced instructors providing expertise, insights and practical resources.

Organizational Culture Expertise: Organizations are focused on integrating values like safety into their DNA. Our insights can help you guide your safety culture from one level to the next, issue by issue.

Effective Safety Leadership Strategies: Leadership essentials include vision and execution and emerging issues like transformational leadership principles. Our learning events, instructors, and resources help you renew your leadership vision.

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