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Organizational Safety Management Services

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Employers face the challenge of protecting workers and ensuring business continuity, while meeting rigorous federal, state and industry regulatory requirements. The cost of compliance—and protecting workers and company assets—requires careful resource allocation decisions, which can lead to important safety and risk management projects being delayed. PMA Risk Control provides an expert level of assistance with your organizational safety management needs. Our consultants meet with you to discuss and evaluate your needs—and help you prioritize implementation of solutions.

Three levels of Organizational Safety Management support

We offer three levels of organizational safety management support according to your needs:

  1. Online solutions through our portal of safety and risk management resources, PMA Websource
  2. Program and educational material support through our Solutions Center team
  3. On-site assistance by PMA Risk Control professionals

Development of "best practice" safety programs

What safety policies and programs are required? It can be difficult to discern. PMA offers safety program templates as well as customized safety programs to help you meet and exceed regulatory standards. Additional resources include best practices for general safety policies and industry-specific materials.

Take your safety program to the next level

If you are interested in taking your organization to the forefront of safety and risk control, PMA Risk Control can help you take that step. The PMA Organizational Safety Perception Survey, Decision Based Safety Management (DBSM) assessment, and Best Practice program evaluation go beyond traditional safety program evaluations. These advanced assessment tools guide you to cost-effective strategies that improve efficiency, lower the cost of risk and reduce the risk of worker incidents.

New communication solutions for your safety program

Our tools and strategies help you fulfill your employee notification requirements for safety. We go beyond traditional solutions and work with clients to create a more effective communication program with the following assets:

  • Convenient training tools, including online individual learning programs, employee-led safety talks and access to video programs
  • Resources to help you create a customized educational experience
  • Online and in-person educational sessions for your leadership team on critical safety topics

Safety recordkeeping guidance

After a safety program is implemented or training is completed, what are your recordkeeping obligations? PMA offers guidance on how to implement practical document management procedures.

Onsite safety management support

For assistance completing loss management projects when your staffing resources are limited, you can schedule PMA Risk Control team members to be onsite at your facility for assistance.

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