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Legal Disclaimer

The "PMA Insurance Group" (also referred to as "PMA") is comprised of three insurance companies. The lead insurer, Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Insurance Company, is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company and Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company are licensed in the District of Columbia and in all states other than Hawaii, Massachusetts and Minnesota. For specific product and service availability in your jurisdiction, please contact your local PMA office.

PMA Management Corp. and PMA Management Corp. of New England, Inc. (also referred to as "PMA") are affiliated third-party administrators to the aforementioned insurers, each providing a variety of claims handling and claims related services across the United States.

The information contained on this site is not intended to constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation in connection with any service by PMA or any of its related, affiliated or subsidiary companies. Services referenced on this site may not be available in all jurisdictions and may not be offered to all inquirers.

The information contained on this site and descriptions of all terms, exclusions, and conditions applicable to PMA services are provided solely for general informational purposes. This site does not contain technical detail regarding state approved rates and policy forms, or identify jurisdictions where certain products are available through particular companies. For complete descriptions of the scope and limitations of insurance coverages, forms, rates or other products or services, please contact a PMA agent or other representative.

The site may link to other sites which are not maintained by PMA. PMA is not responsible for the content of those sites. The inclusion of any link to such sites does not imply approval of or endorsements by PMA of the sites or the content thereof.

While we make every effort to keep the contents of this website current and accurate, readers with specific or time-sensitive questions should contact the company. There may be times when the site may not contain the latest PMA news.