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Injured Worker Center

Workers’ compensation provides medical care and reimbursement for a portion of lost wages to workers who are injured on the job. As your employer’s workers’ compensation provider, PMA Companies is here to help you return to good health and return to work.

The Injured Worker Center is designed to meet your needs and give you the information and resources you need for your recovery. PMA Companies also maintains a complete staff of insurance and risk management professionals to assist you.

For questions about your claim, call your PMA Claims Adjuster, the PMA Customer Service Center, 1-888-476-2669, or email customer_service@pmagroup.com

  Medical Pharmacy Additional Resources  

Need a physician, physical therapist, or medical equipment?

  • Online Search Tool
  • Call Your PMA Claims Adjuster
  • Call the PMA Customer Service Center

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Pharmacy FAQ

Return-to-Work Information for Injured Workers

Returning to Work Safely


Workers' compensation laws and benefits vary by state and are established by your state legislatures. The links below will redirect you from PMA's website to each state's workers' compensation website for more information.

Please select your state to learn more:


Workers' Compensation Guide for Injured Workers