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Hurricane, Tornado & Windstorm

You may have property and/or operations that could be impacted to some degree during the hurricane season and/or be in tornado prone areas. Hurricanes and tornadoes may pose a significant threat to your operations, which include but are not limited to heavy rain, high winds, and potential flooding.

It is important that property owners and operators keep a serious eye on storm threats, begin preparing early, and not become complacent about the situation. Make sure your hurricane preparedness plan is up-to-date and being followed at all levels of your organization, and be sure your employees know where to go in the event of a tornado warning.

Hurricane resources

To track hurricanes online, click on the following link for the National Hurricane Center - NOAA:

Tornado resources

For information on how to prepare and plan for tornadoes, visit the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety: https://disastersafety.org/tornado/.

Other helpful resources

PMA Websource®, our online portal of safety and risk management resources, helps our clients reduce injuries and loss expenses through proven risk management solutions. Within PMA Websource©, clients have access to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), which has many tools available for flood plans and other emergency-type event preparations. Clients also have access to our Organizational Safety Institute, which offers online learning events on Leadership, Safety & Risk Management, OSHA Compliance Pathways and other pertinent issues. Other offerings include PMA’s Solutions Center with 24-hour online assistance, access to Safety Source for online digital safety & training videos in English and Spanish, Safety Solution Technical Bulletins.

PMA clients can register for PMA Websource by going to http://websource.pmagroup.com. If you have not already registered, you will need to have your seven digit account number on hand for access. Have a question? Call 1-888-476-2669 or email info@pmagroup.com.

PMA claims information

PMA stands ready to help you 24/7. To receive assistance for weather-related claims or to call in a first report of a claim, please contact the PMA Customer Service Center, 1-888-476-2669. As always, PMA online claims reporting is also available.

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