Higher Education Trends in Focus (2021)


PMA Companies provides premier insurance and TPA risk management services to a diverse mix of higher education clients. Serving nearly 100 colleges, universities and technical schools nationwide gives us the unique knowledge of the risks and solutions that matter most to post-secondary institutions. Each year we conduct a State of the HigherHE-Trends-in-Focus_Insights-Info-page_Worker-mopping_300x213 Education Industry study that outlines the key workers’ compensation risk management challenges facing our higher education clients. The study helps us understand historical loss performance, pinpoints key loss drivers and identifies emerging trends—assisting us in developing a collaborative, strategic approach to reducing risk.

In our most recent study, PMA examined workers’ compensation claims from 2015 through 2019 for almost 100 higher education clients. The study revealed the following trends:

  • 28% decrease in the Total Claim Frequency Rate;
  • 26% decrease in Medical Only Claim Frequency Rate (78% of claims were Medical Only);
  • 38% decrease in Lost Time Claim Frequency Rate;
  • 35% increase in the Loss Rate for fully developed claims (2015-2017 policy years).