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How Large Deductible Plans Work & What You Need to Know Interested in more information? Read our blog post on large deductible programs.
Matching a Client & Carrier: What You Should Know If you would like additional details on this topic, read our blog post on matching clients and carriers for optimal partnerships.
What is a Retro Rating Plan? Interested in more information? Read our blog post on transitioning from fixed cost to loss sensitive.
John Santulli Interview with A.M. Best at RIMS 2018 John Santulli, President and COO of PMA Companies, discusses trends in workers' compensation, including employee health, opioids, and alternative treatments, with ...
PMA Client Satisfaction Survey Results James P. Murphy, Ph. D., has conducted independent client satisfaction surveys on behalf of PMA Companies for over a decade. Watch this video to learn more about ...
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The 5 Things Customers Need from Their TPA Partner
Managing Total Cost of Risk
Helping Clients Reduce Exposure to Loss and Control their Total Cost of Risk
Employee Pride and Client Value

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