PMA Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine video doctor consultation via tabletOnline Appointments with Occupationally Focused Medical Providers Specially Trained in Virtual Care

PMA Telemedicine connects injured workers with specially trained physicians and physical therapists for medical diagnosis and treatment online, including prescribing medications when necessary. Injured workers can have one-on-one video consultations right from the comforts of home via their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

3 Key Telemedicine Services

PMAcare24 Injury Triage

  • PMAcare24 places registered nurses specially trained in triage care just a phone call away for injured 24+_iconworkers
  • Available 24/7, injured workers can speak with a nurse, describe their injuries, and receive care instructions and next steps for treatment
  • The nurse can recommend telemedicine and either email instructions for scheduling a virtual appointment with a physician or transfer the call to the telemedicine provider
  • A telemedicine care coordinator helps the injured worker with the intake process and prepares a physician file for the virtual appointment

Telemedicine Directsmartphone+_icon

  • Face-to-face virtual appointments with specially trained physicians are available 24/7
  • After referral by the employee’s supervisor or HR representative, an injured worker can set up a virtual appointment via a smartphone, tablet, or computer


  • Injured workers can avoid delays in getting the physical therapy (PT) they need with quality care through laptop+_icontelerehabilitation
  • Telerehabilitation offers one-on-one PT sessions with certified physical therapists via a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • 30 or 45 minute sessions are available 7 days a week in all 50 states

Benefits of Telemedicine

  • Providers specially trained in delivering medical care and therapy in a virtual environment
  • Expedites recovery
  • Improves access to, and timeliness of, care
  • Increases employee satisfaction