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Spring Weather

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it can bring extreme precipitation that can cause flooding for property or operations. These events can cause not only direct damage to your structures and property, but also devastating interruptions to your business and danger for your employees.

It is important that you, as a business owner or operator, assess your exposure to these events and make plans and preparations ahead of time to ensure the safety of your employees and mitigate or prevent material losses. Floods come with little or no warning, and there is no substitute for being prepared ahead of the event. 

Other helpful resources

PMA Websource®, our online portal of safety and risk management resources, helps our clients reduce injuries and loss expenses through proven risk management solutions. Within PMA Websource©, clients have access to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), which has many tools available for flood plans and other emergency-type event preparations. Clients also have access to our Organizational Safety Institute, which offers online learning events on Leadership, Safety & Risk Management, OSHA Compliance Pathways and other pertinent issues. Other offerings include PMA’s Solutions Center with 24-hour online assistance, access to Safety Source for online digital safety & training videos in English and Spanish, and Safety Solution Technical Bulletins.

PMA clients can register for PMA Websource by going to http://websource.pmagroup.com. If you have not already registered, you will need to have your seven digit account number on hand for access. Have a question? Call 1-888-476-2669 or email info@pmagroup.com.

PMA claims information

PMA stands ready to help you 24/7. To receive assistance for weather-related claims or to call in a first report of a claim, please contact the PMA Customer Service Center, 1-888-476-2669. As always, PMA online claims reporting is also available.


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