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Managed Care

Managed Care at PMA

With a holistic and strategic approach to Managed Care, PMA fulfills an important role as steward of our clients’ resources to help injured workers recover and safely return to work. In doing so, our Managed Care team seeks to address the care needs of the injured worker while optimizing programs to reduce medical and pharmacy spend. Above all, we strive for prompt and safe return to work, which supports the best outcomes for clients and injured workers.

An Integrated Approach

PMA has integrated all of our Managed Care programs to maximize every opportunity to provide appropriate, quality care while addressing escalating medical and pharmacy costs. Our Managed Care program is also strategically linked to PMA Claims Services, optimizing results and increasing client satisfaction.

Highlights of our Managed Care program include:

  • Medical Management Program. Early intervention and appropriate treatment can improve outcomes for injured workers and employers alike. PMA’s comprehensive, proactive approach leverages highly experienced nurse case managers. Combining medical and workers’ compensation knowledge with a commitment to patient education, PMA’s team works to help injured workers safely recover and return to work when healthy. We also perform ongoing monitoring of injured workers’ care, helping to identify “red flags” before they have a significant impact on medical outcomes and costs.
  • Medical Bill Review Program. Our team conducts in-depth reviews with a dual focus on ensuring that providers are billing for the appropriate treatments and that employers are paying appropriate fees for that care. PMA’s medical bill reviewers include certified medical coding specialists and registered nurses.

PMA recruits Case Managers, Medical Bill Reviewers, Cost Containment Specialists, Managed Care Product Specialists and Management Staff.  Our ideal candidates offer strong clinical backgrounds with a specialization in Worker’s Compensation and Occupational Health. They also understand the nature of rising medical and pharmacy costs—and are passionate about taking an active role in managing them.

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