PMA Perspectives - A Focus on Healthcare Facilities

PMA Perspectives_blogPMA Companies launched this series in order to provide straightforward information about the implications of COVID-19 and how PMA Companies is responding. Each installment will feature a PMA Executive or Thought Leader responding to three or four questions posed by our moderator, Derek Hopper, Senior Vice President, Shared Services. The objective is to get to the point quickly without a lot of fluff. We hope this will lead you to have a more robust conversation with your PMA Representative.

This installment of PMA Perspectives features Brent Morgan, ARM, LNHA, a PMA Risk Control Healthcare Specialist and former Nursing Home Administrator and Regional Director. Brent will discuss his interactions with healthcare clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Derek Hopper (DH): How would you describe the mindset of a typical healthcare client these days?

Brent Morgan (BM): Our clients have a lot on their plates and they are finding different ways to keep up with all of the new policies, procedures, and regulations. There are times when it can be a bit overwhelming. This influences my interactions with them, and in many cases all they need to hear is that I’m here to support them. They are also very concerned about their patients and residents, staff safety, and how the pandemic will affect their business in the long run. Like many of us, most clients have taken a one-day-at-a-time approach.

DH: Describe how PMA’s Risk Control Department is helping our healthcare clients?

BM: Regulatory agencies were quick to issue very specific guidelines that are to be followed, and our team has helped clients interpret many of them. We have provided considerable internal and external resources related to everything from employee temperature screening to ongoing pandemic planning. We have also received questions about OSHA Reporting. A lot of it comes down to being able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and helping one client at a time with their specific needs.

DH: What are some unique approaches you have taken?

BM: I regularly share industry news with my clients and have facilitated some client-to-client networking opportunities, which allow them to share information about new policies and procedures. I have also spent some time developing an understanding of the effects of the pandemic on the mental health of healthcare workers. Healthcare facilities should consider, among other things, stress management programs, providing areas where staff can decompress, and making professional resources available to their employees.

DH: Brent, you have the last word.

BM: This has been a long, unexpected, and uncertain couple of months for all of us, but especially healthcare workers in hospitals, long-term care communities, home healthcare settings, and the first responder community. I want to thank them for everything they are doing and for putting themselves in harm’s way to help others. Please continue to be vigilant and stay safe!

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