PMA Insurance Group Claims Management Services

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PMA Claims Management works with our brokers and clients to drive superior outcomes. Our claims professionals, risk consultants, data analysts, staff counsel and managed care specialists identify potential issues and effectively manage each claim from its first report. With dedicated claims professionals across all lines of business, PMA Claims Management is committed to delivering high-quality, consistent claims results.

How We Achieve Results For Clients

Proactive Claims Management

Claims don’t linger with PMA. We actively plan and strategize for claim resolution, with ourportfolio of tools and techniques. For claims predicted to develop adversely, we convene claims, managed care and litigation experts and create detailed and time-bound resolution strategies to optimize the outcome.

Analytics-Driven Claims Model

  • Begins with strategic action planning - Identifies claims trends, initiates early interventionSidebar image
  • Delivers the right expertise to each claim - matches specialists with claims types and
  • Uses extensive portfolio of resources, tools and solutions to drive claims to resolution

Highly Experienced Claims Professionals

  • 20 Years’ Average Claims Adjuster/Supervisor Industry Experience; 9-Year Average PMA Tenure
  • 27 Years’ Average Claims Manager/Officer Industry Experience; 16-Year Average PMA Tenure
  • In-depth Jurisdictional Expertise
  • Complex Litigation Management Expertise
  • Balanced Caseloads
  • Dedicated Subrogation Resources

Client-Focused Claims Management

Workers' Compensation Claims

PMA integrates vigorous claims investigation with comprehensive managed care programs. Our goal is reducing clients’ medical, wage and expense costs and ensuring injured workers receive quality care.

  • PMA engages with injured workers early and often to support their recovery. We educate injured workers on the workers’ compensation process, facilitate treatment, and communicate return-to-work expectations.

Liability, Auto & Property Claims

To protect our clients’ assets, we take an assertive approach to managing liability, property damage and litigated claims. Our investigation and assessment of damage begins immediately. We maintain a staff of deeply skilled and seasoned claims specialists dedicated to handling all claims including the most complex, high-exposure claims. PMA leverages an array of negotiation tools and strategies to resolve claims fairly and effectively.

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Bilingual Customer Service Center

24/7 availability to answer claims inquiries from you and injured workers

  • 45,000+ calls handled monthly
  • Calls answered on average within 20 seconds
  • <1.5% call abandonment rate