PMA Management Corp. OSHA Reporting Solutions & Compliance Services


OSHA recordkeeping and reporting processes can be a cumbersome and tedious part of your safety and risk management program. Keeping up with OSHA’s evolving requirements often makes compliance an additional challenge. Developing a consistent, but customized reporting process, having access to specialized systems, and partnering with an expert OSHA resource can help simplify and improve this experience for your organization.

OSHA Reporting Solutions

As part of our unique holistic approach, PMA Management Corp. (PMAMC) can support our clients’ OSHA recordkeeping and reporting process through our OSHA Reporting Solutions.

Standard Solution & Support

PMAMC offers our clients access to our proprietary OSHA tool through PMA Cinch, our online risk management information system. This tool offers users the ability to quickly and efficiently track the recordability of OSHA cases, and easily complete and generate OSHA 300 and 300A logs in compliance with OSHA regulations.

We also offer access to a library of resources and information through PMA Websource, our online safety and risk management client portal.

Enhanced Solution & Support

This option incorporates trained OSHA Recordkeeping Specialists who can help alleviate the organizational burdens of OSHA tracking and recordability. These specialists can help with recordability, tracking, and OSHA log generation. All services are performed in accordance with the OSHA requirements and special handling guidelines for our clients, including:

  • Assistance with customized reporting based on our clients’ unique requirements
  • Reporting by state, region, or specific location
  • Flexible report generation frequency to support our clients’ unique OSHA compliance need

OSHA Compliance Services

Our Risk Control Specialists are available to assist with safety and regulatory compliance support, including:

  • Safety program evaluations that examine the adequacy of existing programs
  • Safety and health policy development
  • Employee education and training

PMA's OSHA Training Programs

PMA’s OSHA Training Programs provide education for employers and workers on the recognition, avoidance, and abatement of safety and health hazards in the workplace. These programs are intended to provide workers with know-how on preventing injuries on the job, as well as arming managers and supervisors with the tools needed to implement safety practices within their own organizations.

In addition to facilitating individual topic training, certified team members can deliver:

  • The OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training Program, which is intended to provide entry-level, general industry workers with abroad awareness of the OSHA standards, an overview of hazard recognition, and tips on preventing injuries while on the job
  • The OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Training Program, which is a more in-depth version of the OSHA 10-Hour Training geared toward individuals who have some level of safety responsibility in leading others. This program is an excellent method of providing managers, supervisors, and lead personnel with the “tools” that are critical to implementing a successful safety process in the workplace