PMAMC Business Metrics & Analytics

PMA Management Corp. (PMAMC) Business Metrics and Analytics services leverage statistical and predictive models to interpret historical business data. These findings help us identify and analyze trends, and deliver recommendations for actionable items that can help improve our clients’ outcomes. PMAMC business metrics and analytics services include:


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Our analytic services include extensive data aggregation via our state-of-the-art claims system, data mining by our team of highly specialized business analysts, predictive analytics focused on directing the right claim to the right resource at the right time, and a suite of data visualization tools.

PMAMC understands the importance of interpreting our clients’ data to help them make better business decisions. We offer a variety of business analytics services that help us do that.

Interpreting Your Organizational Data to Inform Business Decisions, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Expenses

Descriptive Analytics
  • Team of analysts highly skilled at developing comprehensive summaries of existing data to identify historical or current trends
  • Consistent consolidated reporting to meet the needs of your organization and guide business decisions
  • Focus on offering insight into your claims’ behavior to collaboratively develop targeted strategies for impacting your total cost of risk
  • Benchmarking identifying historical performance against peer groups, jurisdictional books of business, and data available through recognized national organizations
Diagnostic Analytics
  • Determine which factors in your data influence your trends
  • Utilization of data mining, drill-down, and statistical analysis techniques to determine the root causes of trends found in the claims data
  • Trending data to develop customized client dashboards showing causal relationships between various life-of-claim events or anomalies in the data that may require additional action
Predictive Analytics
  • We leverage various predictive models to support our claims handling strategies and workflows
  • Risk models are designed to provide claims supervisors with advanced, comprehensive insight into multiple claims indicators to help identify potential claim severity and apply appropriate resources
  • Every non-record only claim is immediately run through the risk model and assessed for potential severity
  • It’s all about getting the right claim to the right level of claims professional at the right time
Prescriptive Analytics
  • We use the metrics and analytics to help our clients resolve issues related to their unique business needs
  • Leveraging their specific data allows for specialized recommendations that can help improve outcomes, reduce total cost of risk, and enhance claims programs
Stewardship Reporting
  • We partner closely with our clients to recognize their program goals and objectives and build our stewardships to reflect their performance in these areas
  • Stewardship reports are developed collaboratively by Client Service Managers and Business Analysts
  • Our stewardship philosophy is focused on delivering actionable data to our clients to enable continuous program improvements, identify opportunities to reduce their total cost of risk, and manage the impact of risk management programs or interventions on their business