PMAMC Carrier Relations Practice Group

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PMA Management Corp. (PMAMC) is excited to announce Sue Monahan, PMAMC Carrier Relations Manager, will now lead our successful TPA Carrier Relations Practice Group. The cross-functional group supports our valued P&C carrier partners across all lines of business. Under Sue's leadership, we will continue working closely with our carrier partners to deliver superior claims solutions, ensure strong adherence to carrier best practices, and enhance customer service experiences to generate positive outcomes.

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Sue brings 20+ years of extensive industry experience across multiple disciplines including carrier relations, regulatory compliance, claims leadership, and project management to her leadership role. Sue is responsible for managing and enhancing PMAMC carrier partnerships and delivering superior account management to each one. She and our TPA Carrier Relations Practice Group will leverage PMAMC's 30+ years’ expertise in claims management and risk programs to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to our carrier partners. The group is committed to developing integrated programs and tailoring them to the unique needs of each of our carrier partners for greater success and sustainable results.

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