PMAMC Learning & Development Academy

PMA Management Corp. (PMAMC) Learning & Development Academy empowers our employees across all disciplines with information and training that can help them support the strategic mission and core values of our organization. Our program delivers consistency of education and cultivates organizational and individual learning, knowledge, and awareness.

Empowering Our Employees to Meet the Needs of Our Clients and Business Partners

Our Academy is a go-to center for every employee that provides a seamless and personalized learning experience. We achieve this by offering a different approach to learning that consists of:

  • Online video library of bite-sized content that can be accessed on demand based on employees’ interests. These videos contain:L&D_image1_page_285
    • Step-by-step modules about the use of various aspects of our systems
    • Education on PMAMC best practices and procedures
    • Information on applicability and use of PMAMC products and services
    • On-the-job skill training
    • And many others
  • Diversity of content and styles of presentation that meets the learning style for each participant:
    • On-demand learning
    • Classroom learning
    • Virtual learning
    • Interactive learning
    • Individualized vs. group learning

"It was one of the best trainings I have encountered in my career. This level of training and support will ensure we have the knowledge necessary to develop effective action plans for our clients’ claims.”
– Client Service Manager

Being Prepared for the Future

Our Learning & Development Academy anticipates future needs for our organization, clients, and business partners by tracking industry trends and adjusting our offerings to meet those needs. We believe in continuous learning for all employees and strive to provide content that will support employees’ needs for personal development while focusing on our organizational objectives and aspirations.

We analyze the impact of each learning session through meaningful participant surveys and internal analytics, and support the transfer of learning into daily business life. This focus on effective learning curation allows us to adjust our program offerings based on the training outcomes for our organization and individual-level performance.