Does Timely Reporting of Claims Really Matter?

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Yes! Prompt reporting is the start of effective claims management protocols. Organizations focused on timely reporting can realize numerous benefits for their worker’s compensation programs including improved employee morale, reduced cost of work-related injuries, application of intervention programs, timely return of injured workers to pre-injury employment, reduced litigation, and elimination of fines that may be assessed by state agencies.

Reporting Workers’ Compensation Claims Promptly Allows for:

  • Timely communication with the injured employee, employer and physician
  • Prompt and appropriate medical intervention, including the application of early intervention programs and direction of care, where appropriate
  • Prompt response to injured employee’s questions and concerns — helps to eliminate uncertainty and enables the injured employee to focus on recovery
  • Early action planning focused on the safe return of the injured employee back to work
  • Adherence to OSHA and state agency regulations regarding timely reporting of claims, ultimately eliminating late reporting fines and penalties

Timely claims reporting can directly impact overall claims costs. Providing injured employees with necessary and timely medical care can directly impact the claim duration and costs associated with the work related injury.

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PMA Offers Multiple Ways to Report Claims Timely: